Dec. 6th, 2012 10:28 am
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Still writing for [ profile] bb_shousetsu so this is a random snippet of something else I'm posting just to keep up my streak.

Her voice was the lightest whisper, her touch hardly tangible. Her laughter, light and breathy, was indistinguishable from the wind. So it was he heard and felt the playful sirocco around his face and knew she was near. So close, he almost had her. He inhaled, closed his eyes, slipped out from his place and- she was gone.

He stared where he'd thought she'd be, arrow nocked, dark eyes intent. Days had passed. Weeks. The days were immaterial, the nights as well. All that mattered was the fact that he hadn't done the job. He hadn't caught her. He frowned and pointed his bow downward, gently releasing the tension. She intrigued him. Her senses were heightened. Somehow, she knew he'd been following. Even more surprisingly, she'd given him the slip. No one hid their trails from him once he'd started tracking them.

Except her.

Yeah I dunno.
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I had been doing this table over on LJ, but I don't write my stories there anymore, so I'm reposting these here. I'm posting the table normally and have dated all the actual fics out of order so they didn't spam your friends' lists.

I'm writing about D&D characters Shar and Connor from numbers 1-50. Shar is [personal profile] lovebloodrhetoric's and Connor is mine. And from 51-100, even-numbered fics are about D&D characters Locien [again, [personal profile] lovebloodrhetoric's] and Lucas [mine]. They're mostly PG-13 and below, and thus public. Any R rated are f-locked.

Cut for table )

Like I don't have enough to write already. -_-;;


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