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I wrote this yesterday for a prompt I found in [community profile] mythology_kink (which I likewise just joined yesterday) so I'm posting it here today. The prompt was that Persephone went of her own free will, as well as a request from light D/s (Hades dominant) without going NC-17. I think it hovers around PG-13? Anyway, I think I hit the mark.

Just to say: I have a LOT of Hades/Persephone feels. It should say a lot about me that this story was in the first book I read on my own, Tanglewood Tales, by Nathaniel Hawthorne (I was five and an overachiever) and this particular story was the first one I finished. See, my mom was taking too long to read it to me so I finished it myself and told her the next night at bedtime that she needed to find a new book, because I'd finished that one. Suffice to say, I fell in love with mythology very young. Hades/Persephone remains my favorite, with Eros/Psyche a very very close second.

I RP both pairs. Hades in one, Psyche in the other, and while this technically wasn't written about our RP characters, I'm still tagging it that way, because it fits. Anyway, enough talking; here's the bloody thing.

It's not a kidnapping when the abducted party is willing to go. )

Annnd now I want to write some Eros/Psyche. There was an already filled prompt there for lovins in the dark, which I might just write for myself >.>
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Fenris had smelled a lot of things over the years, while being chained up by the Aesir. He had to learn by smell, because there certainly wasn’t anyone around who would teach him. He never held anything against his father – The gods had separated all of Loki’s kids. Fenris was left chained, Jörmungandr thrown into the sea, and Hel… Hel was in the Underworld now, and that’s all Fen knew about that. Whether she was alive or dead, he had no idea.

This is a work in progress )


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