Sunday Six!

Mar. 3rd, 2013 10:38 am
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Whoops, meant to post this yesterday. Backdating~

The last bed was occupied by a man who was bleeding through the makeshift bandages on his head. His face and hands were dirty, a combination of soot, engine grime, and gods-only knew what else. Xiang didn't care that the man himself was dirty; he cared about his head trauma, and whether his injury was still opening, prone to infection. Hands carefully washed, Xiang set aside his crutch, able to stand on his own for so long as it took to take the patient's vitals. He'd come in with no identification and in fact, no one had stuck around to explain who he was and how he'd gotten injured, according to the intake information hastily scribbled on his chart.

Frowning, Xiang got to work. It was only after he'd cleaned up the man's face and head that Xiang got a good look at him. His unknown patient was still unconscious, but Xiang couldn't deny that he was a very attractive stranger.

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I think I'll start my Friday Five tomorrow and Sunday Six this weekend, give a fresh start with March. So here's some more from what I wrote the other day, just to finished up the month.

Xiang tucked his crutch under one arm and hobbled toward the infirmary. He'd been on his feet all day which was why his tired overworked leg needed that extra support. He was actually supposed to be off-shift by now, but they were a bit short-staffed since a couple traveling crews had come through town looking for a doctor to come along with them. It happened sometimes. People stopped by to pick up some medicine and decided it'd be better to hire a willing medic to join their crew so they could have someone around to fix their wounds at all times. They never seemed to pick Xiang.

Xiang told himself it was because he was still just an apprentice, too young to go off gallivanting in airships while he was still learning his trade. Of course, traveling would lend to his experience, he knew that, but how was he to convince others? It didn't matter how skilled he was, his natural aptitude, and his ability to pinpoint symptoms: people looked at him and passed him right over.

Doctor Carswell had gone as well as Doctor Heyward and even Doctor Malhotra, who'd barely been a doctor long enough to qualify, Xiang thought. He couldn't be jealous. Indira Malhotra had been his closest friend at the hospital and it was an incredible opportunity. Maybe within six months or a year, he too could be boarding a ship for his first space travel.

Xiang and Fox (from yesterday) are both major characters in a novel series I'm working on. However, this vignette is a scene that won't be in the series proper, so I figured I could smut it up and send it off to [profile] bb_shousetsu.
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Here is a bit of it. It may wind up in [ profile] bb_shousetsu's Playing Doctor issue.

The last thing Fox remembered was being only inches away from the engine room before stars exploded in front of his eyes. No, he remembered the pain too and the whiff of air before something crashed against his skull and he crumpled, wishing he'd actually worn the reinforced skull cap he'd stolen last week. He didn't have time to think about how he'd been so close he could almost feel the diamond monocle in his fingertips before blackness took over.

I think I'm going to make good on my promise to myself to stop worrying so much about posting here every weekday and just write. I do think that I might do a Friday Five and Sunday Six so there's at least 2 posts a week. Any other day I feel like posting something I'll so so, but I need to focus on finishing things, on editing (which means I can't write to post if I edit).

I went and edited my writing schedule to force deadlines on my own writing so that I get things done. This also forces me to decide what I want to write and finish next based on where it's being submitted.

I'm hoping this will give me some more structure. I will also be adding these deadlines to my Google calendar with reminders so that I can kick myself in the pants.



Feb. 21st, 2013 11:28 am
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I may have to resign myself to the fact that I won't get this done and betaed by the 28th. I just don't have the time to sit down wrangle it all together and somehow still manage to leave time for someone else to have a look at. It's not likely to happen. :( That doesn't mean I don't intend to finish it though. I may just have to do something else with it when I'm done. Also, I kind of think I got too far away from the theme for it to fit anymore and I don't want to sacrifice what I wrote to force it.

I did some editing today and I dunno if I'll do some actual writing or not. I can try my best to write this weekend and if I finish it and some lovely betas (at least 2) are able to get it back to me in a couple days to make last minute edits, then I can do it. But I don't want to force myself and then wind up with something I don't really like or something that gets rejected because I should have spent more time on it.

Since you're not getting a snippet today, have a lovely resource instead: 36 Surprising Ways to Boost Creativity For Free. I meant to post that a while ago.

Awww yiss

Feb. 20th, 2013 11:14 am
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I got my flow back. Still need to tie things together but I'm getting to the plot and intrigue now and it ain't just romance. Woot!

That afternoon and the next week continued in much the same way. )

I'm back to liking this again.
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Um, I totally didn't write anything but RP stuff today, so here's something I wrote Friday.

At dinner that evening I poked repeatedly at the green peas that spilled out of the pot pie my sister had made. Across from me she blew on a tender but hot piece of chicken before popping it into her mouth. "What's the matter with you? You like peas. I put in extra just for you."

I shook my head and smiled ruefully. "Sorry, Gwennie, my mind was elsewhere. The pie's good promise." I heaped a spoonful of sauce and crust into my mouth, making sure to catch a spoonful of peas.

She made a face at me, the one she'd recently taken to making when I called her Gwennie instead of Gwendolen. Now that she was beginning to wade into the world of law, she thought she ought to drop her childish nickname. But I wasn't about to quit calling her that, especially when she kept slipping and calling me Ollie. "What, thinking about that old professor? How did it go today?"

"He's not really that old," I replied, pursing my lips after I said it.


"He's that really so old. I mean Everyone talks him up, makes him sound completely geezed, but he's not even as old as Dad yet."

Our father, at the head of the table snapped his eyes up from his newspaper and glared at him. "Oi now, what was that?"

"Nothing, I was just saying you're not old," I replied glibly, going for the pie again. Gwendolen snickered at exactly the same time I did and moments later the two of us were lost in gales of laughter.


Feb. 15th, 2013 11:40 am
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I may not have much time to write today so here's some of what I wrote yesterday. I'll have to make up for today over the weekend sometime.

At lunch I confided in Jessamyn. “I thought maybe he’d actually, you know, teach me something not just make me his servant. I could get this same experience at home and I wouldn’t have to wake up so early. I mean look at you and at Gwen. You two are learning right away. That isn’t fair.”

Jessamyn clucked her tongue sympathetically and slid me a lemon cake. “Well, think about it this way. We’re both apprenticed to family. Family wants to share, pass down the trade. You though, he doesn’t know you well yet. Maybe he’s just jealously guarding his trade secrets.” She paused to rearrange the bonnet holding back her curly red hair, and then attacked a mixing bowl with a whisk.

I watched her for a moment and then said suddenly, “It would be a lot faster and easily to get things done if you could have a machine mix for you, wouldn’t it?”


Feb. 13th, 2013 11:29 am
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A bit from the LT3 steampunk story, which I managed to outline yesterday.

Groaning, I got up, just so I could shut the rooster off and wash up. Breakfast was eggs and ham. I took my toast to go, not because I was eager to get going, but because I just couldn't sit at the table any longer, creating deeper and more ridiculous ideas of what working for Professor Lippett would be like. By the time I got to the mental image on a decrepit old man in goggles that made his eyes bug out, skin dotted in liver spots, and a voice like a rusty gear, I had to get out.
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A poem that may or may not find its place in my LT3 story. We'll see. But for now this is all I have to post because I spent my writing time so far today outlining and editing.

Love neither lies nor makes one hide
Love rises up from deep inside
It burns in the heart and sings in the soul.
It is fearless and loud,
enduring and proud.
It's love that makes one whole.


Feb. 11th, 2013 10:46 am
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So I finished my [ profile] bb_shousetsu story yesterday, and while it's sent off to betas to read, I'm shifting gears to my LT3 story instead. Here's a snippet that picks up immediately after this one.

I tried to dawdle on my way, pausing to talk to a few people, stopping to buy a cup of tea in a mug engineered to stay comfortably warm. It cost extra of course, but the cup was reusable. I took a longer route than necessary, riding my steam-powered bicycle at the slowest speeds I could possibly manage. People swore at me as I held them up, but no matter how hard I tried, I still arrived only a mere three minutes late.

Three minutes was apparently enough. I knocked on the door to the building that housed the professor's laboratory and heard an amplified sigh. "There's a perfectly serviceable and rather large doorbell just to your right and you choose to knock? Come in, I've left it open anyway."

I gritted my teeth and stepped inside. As far as first meetings went, this was not boding well.


Feb. 1st, 2013 09:17 am
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I actually managed to write 500+ words on the train today for LT3. On the subway. It's been a while since I've managed that. Here's a wee taste.

In a room where the professor kept spare parts, I found an old trunk, smaller than the proverbial bread box. It was either unused or hadn't been used in quite some time. It was half covered by papers as well as a box of old broken cogs and gears, all of which were coated in a fine layer of dust.

The trunk itself was beautiful. I don't mean it in the delicate and fancy sense; I mean beautiful in the eyes of an inventor or collector. It was sturdy, made of bronze and iron, where it wasn't rusted. It had these fantastic hinges, none of which matched another too well, meaning each had been painstakingly cut by hand. It was sparsely decorated, no ornate designs to detract from its perfect simplicity.

It's funny now, looking back, how I fell in love with that old trunk.

I'm really pleased with how this is progressing. I'm finally starting to feel good about this project. And I've broken 2000 words on it! Only a minimum of 8000 left to go, which shouldn't be hard, plotwise. I haven't even gotten to the focus of the plot. much less started developing the relationship.
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So I scrapped what I was working on for LT3 again because it just wasn't flowing. I wound up going back to something I'd started for [ profile] bb_shousetsu that I never finished because I didn't have a plot. Meanwhile the LT3 thing had a plot but the setting was falling flat. So I mashed them together. Took the setting from the one and the plot from the other, tweaked and lo, maybe thirds time's the charm, because I think I got something now. I hope. Running out of time to keep making huge changes. At least this thing is already at 1300+ words so I don't feel like I lost too much. Here's the beginning and for gits and shiggles, it's set in the same universe as Cities of Steam.

There was a mechanical rooster crowing. You heard that right. I woke up to the sound of a distinctly metallic "cockadoodledoo" that reminded me in no uncertain terms that I had to get up, get dressed, and get myself to my first day at my new job.

I'm Oliver Merrill. No, Oliver Merrill Jr. My father's the Oliver Merrill people actually know by name. I'm just his son. Last week he decided it was high time I got myself an appropriate apprenticeship, and learned how to do something outside the family business. Why? Because after years of arguments, he'd finally learned that I didn't want to follow in his footsteps. I needed to be my own man, not just his kid. He accepted it; he's kind of funny that way. We fight, but bottom line is, we're so similar he can usually see my viewpoint, and vice versa.

The problem was we didn't see eye-to-eye on just where I should be working. There was a science laboratory at the university that could have used a few more research assistants, and I figured one of them should be me. I had intentions of going down to the university, presenting myself with a letter of recommendation from my father and getting one of those positions. My father had other plans. He came home telling me I would be working with Doctor M. Fitzgerald Lippett.

"What, the loony recluse? Are you serious? This is a joke right?"

"It's no joke. You start next week, seven in the morning, no buts about it. You're lucky Oliver, so don't complain."

I found out a few days later, the university was cutting back on staff and they'd only taken on two assistants. My chance there had been gone before I'd even known. Good old Dad, looking out for me, in his backwards way, had gotten me what he thought was the next best thing. What I couldn't understand was why the doctor had agreed. Everyone knew he was the hermit inventor that toed the line between genius and madness. He didn't like people; he just liked his inventions. What was I supposed to do there?
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Well this was a fun un-outlined thingie that just happened :D. EXCITEMENT. DANGER. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? I'm really enjoying these stream-of-consciousness writing jags I've been doing.

She couldn't wait. )
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Here's what resulted from my morning braindump:

Phoebe Bricklesworth was going on an adventure. )

Well. We all know what this means. Something goes terribly wrong.
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So it's somehow 12:30 and I think I killed most of my morning plotting a series that uh. I shouldn't even be working on considering how many other things I'm supposed to finish first. However, I now have the six major players, a possible seventh (not sure where that one fits in) a hook for each novel, and a basic idea of the world it's set in. That's where I'm going to wind up spending most of my time, I think. World-building. Because LKEDHKJSJK steampunk ffffff. I wind up writing anything concrete for it soon, I'll post it here :)

EDIT: sooo I wrote something. Who's surprised? Posting that in a few.

Oh hai.

Jan. 11th, 2011 01:53 pm
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So...I'm writing a steampunk story at the moment. It's for [ profile] bb_shousetsu over on LJ, but I have a secondary plot point that won't be introduced in this story that would go very far towards making this short story a full length novel instead. I still have to finish and edit my nano project, but I do tend to work better with a deadline, so I want to write this now while I have an actual due date.

I know next to nothing about steampunk, but the fun thing about the genre is that you can take the general guidelines (victorian meets science, spinkle with gears and brass and goggles, bake for 30 minutes, season to taste) and create your own steampunk world. I've got a fair amount of resources for when I'm ready to actually world-building, but [ profile] bb_shousetsu story doesn't need that level of depth for the length it's going to be. I think.

I haven't finished anything in a little while again, so I'm looking forward to actually doing so. Um...that's all for now, just wanted to actually update this thing.


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