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I haven't done one of these in a while so I figured why not, since I wrote a good 1500 words of AU kpop fic omg what even is my life. you go. Squishy Satan & his soon-to-be demon consort.
And then a new opponent stepped into the ring. Unlike the previous fighters, this one was not built for brute strength. This one was lean, tall but not broad, with glowing red eyes Kyungsoo could see from his throne. His hair was the kind of careless that took effort to achieve, mimicking horn where there were not, which piqued Kyungsoo's curiosity. Red-eyed, slender demon, no horns, no visible tail- no, he corrected himself, noting the unusual belt wrapped around the demon's waist: not a belt at all. Intrigued at what looked like like a terrible mismatch, Kyungsoo finally sat up, his own eyes, usually quite normal in appearance, flickering bruise-black in the firelight.
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As part of a yearly tradition with [personal profile] yabamena, we write each other drabbles for the 12(+1) days of Christmas. Day 13: More surprise fanfic! This is also the bonus day, and the last day ;_; SADS. Anywhere here. Have some Covenant fic.

If there was one thing everyone knew about Reid Garwin it was that he was a reckless skirt-chaser. He took chances none of the other sons of Ipswich would -- not even Pogue -- and flirted with every attractive girl who passed by. He went through relationships like he went through tissues and considering he was a young man with a healthy sex drive, he went through a lot of both.

Your Breath Fills My Lungs )
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As part of a yearly tradition with [personal profile] yabamena, we write each other drabbles for the 12(+1) days of Christmas. Day 12: More surprise fanfic! Blaise/Draco is probably my #2 Harry Potter OTP and so they're the other one I've written more than a few fics on. So here's another, set in one of our RP-verses.

Blaise was a very private person and always had been. If fact, one of the things that drove Draco mad about him was how much he didn't know about him; the tall, dark, often cruel Zabini kept very much tightly under wraps. Over the years Draco had learned a few things about Blaise: his taste for wine, his disdain for anything he deemed beneath him, his quick mind, and his incredible patience.

I believe in a cruel God )
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As part of a yearly tradition with [personal profile] yabamena, we write each other drabbles for the 12(+1) days of Christmas. Day 7: So hey sometimes I write fandom! HP fandom, Dean/Seamus aka my OTP to end OTPs

The press of the crowd was something Dean was not nearly as fond of as his many former Gryffindor friends. Out of them all, he was probably the most introverted; he valued his quiet time, his alone time. He didn't mind sharing it with Seamus, because despite how much energy Seamus exuded, he also knew when Dean needed to be alone to create or just to recharge.

And days of Auld Lang Syne )


Jan. 30th, 2013 04:10 pm
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From part of that same Alice fic I was working on but put to the side to work on LT3 things.

Alice is not as easy to find as Hatter thinks. He rather expected he'd waltz through the Glass, take two steps and find himself at Alice's door, easy as anything. He steps out instead into an alley and that's where he finds her lying. He carries her out and is stunning by the differences between her world and his. He manages to get help, get her to a hospital, but before he can wait for her to wake, he's pushed away, family only they say, and he can't get in to see her.

They won't tell him where she lives.

There are a lot of people named Alice in her world, and none of the ones he finds the day after she gets released are the right one.

Hatter learns that surnames are important in this world; they distinguish people with the same given name. He realizes he doesn't know hers.

Much as he hates doing it, he goes back to Wonderland, visits Jack. Jack's King now with his hands so very busy, full of his kingdom and of the duchess. Hatter's only too eager to leave them both to their devices after he learns he has to look for Alice Hamilton. He begrudgingly accepts advice from Jack and ventures back to Alice's world.

He hopes this is the last time he has to go back to Wonderland, unless he's going with Alice.
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I have been looking for this since last week to post here. I worte it a while ago but for some reason it never made it into my writing journal. Covenant fic, Caleb/Pogue, rated soft R I guess?

The streets of Ipswich were imprinted in Caleb’s mind, with a definitiveness shared by all four sons of Ipswich. It was their home, the place made theirs - not just their whole lives, but their ancestors’ as well, for generations. They played out like a rural map in Caleb’s mind, and if it wouldn’t lead to Pogue insisting he watch the road, Caleb could drive them with his eyes closed. Barring the occasional semi.

The streets of Cambridge were new, needed to be learned. It wasn’t far from Ipswich, but it was far enough that it wasn’t quite home. Maybe not yet, maybe not ever. But they were new, and it would take time to learn them even half as well as they knew Ipswich.

But it was neither the streets of Ipswich nor of Cambridge that held Caleb’s focus. It was the map of Pogue’s body, lines and roads he both knew so well and not at all that he strove to drive now. He mapped them with his eyes, his hands, his fingers, his tongue. He tasted the remains of chlorine on mostly dry skin. He felt tight muscles under that smooth and taut skin. He saw every turn, curve, angle, and line that made Pogue’s body a city to discover all on its own.

His mouth covered Pogue’s when he finally drove home, the sounds he made swallowed whole, and more satisfying than a thousand nights’ driving in Ipswich or Cambridge combined. The power in him rose to meet Pogue’s when legs wrapped around his waist and he knew it didn’t matter where he was, where he drove.

Pogue’s body held the streets that would always lead him home.

I'm sick so I'm impressed i managed to find something to post here at all today. Also I just realized I completely forgot last Monday's post so I posted this and backdated.
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I can't believe I never posted this here! This is, ah, the one and only time (so far anyway) I wrote Inception fic, and it was for some anon prompty thing a while back. Anyway, it's five times fic and here it is.
The first time Eames had to kill someone he did it like he was ripping off a band-aid. )
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I started this a very long time ago, and then fell out of the fandom so I abandoned it. I just dug it back up while looking for something to post here and realized I'd very much like to get back to it. This is a Harry Potter/Beauty and the Beast crossover I started writing for [personal profile] yabamena Back in the Before Time. Maybe I'll be able to finish it sometime now that I've since poked my head back into HP.

Once upon a time there was a handsome prince. )

Um yeah so if Draco's Beauty in this scenario, Blaise is the Beast. I remember some vague intentions about this and I really need to get back to it. Especiallys ince Blaise/Draco is one of my fave pairings and Beauty and the Beast is one of my fave fairy tales.


Jan. 15th, 2013 11:05 am
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So this fell out of me yesterday and I figured I'd post part of it here while I work on other stuff. This is from a fanfic I'll finish hopefully sooner rather than later, from Syfy's Alice, aka my absolute favorite interpretation so far despite the fact that everyone in it was so very very white. Anyway it's not all from Alice's mother's POV but this part is. Spoilers, now that I think about it, because it takes place after the end of the mini-series. It will eventually be Hatter/Alice.

Carol doesn't know why Alice seems a little different since her accident, and she doesn't ask why Alice is suddenly grieving all over again for her father. She asks, just once, and it sends Alice into tears the likes of which Carol hasn't seen since Alice was a child. Since it became clear her father, Carol's husband, was never coming home. Carol doesn't ask why Alice stops looking for her father. It's as though she's decided he's dead, but Carol has no idea what makes her think that, even if it's something she convinced herself of years ago.

It's not that Carol doesn't care or that she doesn't want to talk about it. It's that she knows Alice needs some time to heal. She just wished she knew from what.
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And the last of the [community profile] fandom_stocking which catches me all up on posting daily! This one was for [personal profile] jengeorge.

Seamus is still in the laughing stage of his drinking when Dean joins him. Small as he is, Seamus's tolerance is incredible and Dean doesn't really drink much so it doesn't take him long at all to catch up, especially not when Seamus is plying him with wine.

Seamus gets giggly when he's drunk but Dean gets handsy when he's had wine, so it's a good thing they decided to leave when Dean can't keep his hands off Seamus's rear. It makes a difference how bold Dean gets, based on what he drinks. Seamus prefers whiskey, obviously, but wine goes right to Dean's head. Heads, maybe, and that thought makes Seamus giggle again.

It was an accident, the first time. Seamus had heard somewhere that a drink of alcohol was supposed to help boost creativity and Dean was in a bit of an artistic slump. Seamus didn't know much about wines and he picked at random. Dean received a rich, full-bodied cabernet and the only canvas he wound up painting on that night was Seamus's skin.

Tonight's even better though because Dean's had more than a few drinks and Seamus is right there with him. Neither of them attempts the smallest bit of magic to help them get home and once they're there, it's giggles, fumbling fingers, and sloppy kisses. After tonight, Seamus decides he's keeping wine in the house, just in case Dean needs some more inspiration.


Jan. 10th, 2013 12:49 pm
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Another [community profile] fandom_stocking fic, this one for [personal profile] carolinecrane. Short one.

Dean's hands are large. His fingers are long, his palms wide rectangles. His grip around a paint brush is gentle but firm. When Seamus watches him paint, he's not watching Dean's art come to life on the canvas. He's watching Dean's elegant fingers wrapped around that brush, watching how he holds it, watches how he's so careful and so precise, like he knows his hands could snap the brush easily. The way he works, so intent and focused, leaves Seamus slightly breathless because it's not long before he's picturing those hands on his skin. He pictures Dean's fingers wrapped around his cock, not a paintbrush, his grip strong and sure.

Seamus is quick to admit he loves Dean's hands and the way he focuses on them during sex is admission enough. He sucks Dean's fingers before he sucks him off, licks them clean after he's spilled himself in Dean's hand. In fact, Seamus takes any excuse to get Dean's fingers in his mouth.

Seamus snaps out of his reverie to find Dean setting down his paintbrush. In fact, he's coming over to him and using those amazing hands to tug Seamus out of the room and down the short hall to their bedroom. Seamus wonders if Dean can read his mind and he actually whimpers when Dean slides his long fingers into Seamus's mouth. There's traces of non-toxic paint still on them but Seamus doesn't care; it just makes him suck harder, like he can't possibly get enough.

In the blissful moments after, Seamus draws little designs on Dean's hands where they lay on his stomach and smiles before he falls asleep.
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Another of the things I wrote for [community profile] fandom_stocking. This one was for [personal profile] gliese581. It's Warren/Will from Sky High. He wanted kidfic, so I crossed over with The Incredibles and made them babysit Jack-Jack Parr.

It doesn't really feel like a superhero (in training)'s job. )


Jan. 8th, 2013 09:13 am
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One of the things I wrote for [community profile] fandom_stocking. This one was for [personal profile] yabamena. It's Korra/Tahno from the Legend of Korra, which we both just discovered we can't get enough of. I guess there are spoilers for relatively midway through the season and minor speculation before it goes (unfortunately) AU.

Korra's not really in control when she gives Tahno back his bending, but then, when is she ever in control? )
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So this is actually a WIP. It came out of nowhere and I don't know where it's going but we'll see :D

It all changed when Chase showed up. )
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This is the first of 13 Days of Xmas fics I'm writing for [personal profile] yabamena. This one was yesterday's! (They will run from Dec 24th to Jan 6th). It's another Dean/Seamus from Harry Potter ficlet.

Christmas in the Finnigan-Thomas household meant several things: Dean was cooking, his dark brown artistic hands creating a masterpiece on a plate instead of on a canvas. It also meant Seamus was singing loudly and off-key as he finished hanging ornaments, one too many whiskeys under his belt. "'S bollocks," he replied loudly, when Dean mildly mentioned that fact, and Dean laughed because Seamus wasn't arguing that he'd been drinking quite a bit; he was arguing the fact that there was any such thing as one too many.

Tomorrow they'd be at the Thomas's first, Dean wincing at the teasing his sisters dished out, and Seamus telling jokes that made Dean's stepfather laugh until he choked, slapping Seamus on the back as he did. Then later at Seamus's mum's place for another large meal, a lot of alcohol and Dean wondering which Finnigan could out drink the other.

But they say Christmas Eve is for lovers and that meant tonight was for them alone. Their first Christmas together had been nerves and awkwardness, trying to transition from best mates to lovers. Every one thereafter had been easy in comparison.

Dean set the pudding down on the table and watched as Seamus placed a bell as high as he could reach, singing in Gaelic and shaking his rear as he hit the chorus. Dean's heart swelled so big he thought it might just burst and his tone was loving and fond as he called Seamus over to eat.

Tomorrow they'd be surrounded by family, but tonight all they had and wanted was each other.
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To Kiss Your Scars )

Ow, right in every single feel I have. Not like I'm not hormonal enough today. I didn't even intend to write this today. It just fell out of me and nearly made me cry at work.
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I did more brainstorming than writing today, but I did add a few paragraphs to Ai's birthday fic. It won't be entirely done by the 30th, but I can give her parts of it, enough for the surprise factor anyway :D Current word count is 1039.

I also managed to find a tale to work with for my BB Shousetsu story though. I was torn between just doing folkloric elements, or actually revisiting an existing tale, and found a happy medium. I'll be working with the moon rabbit but not strictly from Chinese or Japanese legends. I'm was thinking of tinkering with the Native American aspect as well, so this could be an exercise in fun or frustration for me. We'll see which. I'm hoping to actually get to writing it soon, but I want to get to a decent point in Ai's fic first, thus I have no word count to speak of yet.


Sep. 21st, 2010 03:34 pm
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So I'm gonna try to use this to start marking progress on full length novels as well as posting the shorter stuff that I uh, haven't been posting. >.>

Anyway current projects:

1. birthday fic for Ai. No details for now because it'll be a surprise. Will be posted here when it's done. It's coming along well though, and I gotta try my damndest to get it done in time.

2. BB Shousetsu submission. Folkloric, slashy, pr0ny, will be posted when done. It'll be f-locked here, but I'm gonna post a link to the public submission as well. I'm thinking of submitting it to Torquere Press when it's done, if it fits criteria. My idea so far is very basic. I know it's going to be very vaguely like Brigadoon, but I don't want it to just seem like "a version" of it. Still the feeling of the town being there one moment and gone another is a big part of it. I only have a few sentences written.

3. The Oneric Chronicles. This is my Novel in Two Years project that's...not quite where it should be, but I'm still plugging along.

So that's all for now, but I'm in a hell of a good mood right now :D
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I never posted this back when I wrote it. It was for a now-closed HP game, the same one I wrote the Cade/Angie story for. This one involves Blaise Zabini and something he truly enjoyed setting into motion.

Didn't see that coming. )


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