Oct. 10th, 2012 03:04 pm
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Trying to get back into posting here regularly, so here! Have an excerpt from Oneiric Chronicles! This probably will bee in Book 2, not Book 1.
"I know about you, Shannon." Diego's voice was deep and quiet, low enough for only me to hear him.

I froze where I was, paintbrush poised to swipe a generous splash of blue across the canvas. "What?"

"You heard me. Jared knew for a while, didn't he? Well, now so do I. I figured it out. I figured you out."

I went cold, an impressive feat considering it was already 85 degrees outside and the sun was beating down on my shoulders. Diego came closer, throwing his shadow over me and the painting. "You- you know?"

"I figured you didn't want to tell anyone else because you had no idea how we'd react right? But you told Jared, because you guys are so close." There was something about the way he said that that made me shiver, and remember all those intense looks, the ones where I thought he was reading me. Maybe he had been. "But the way I see it, we're your friends, and maybe we'd understand better than anyone. Maybe Jared wasn't the only person who could have been there for you."

Instead of his words making me want to confide in him, they just made me angry. "Would you stop it? Stop talking about him like he's dead! He's not dead, he's just-"

"Just what? Because you and I both know he's not at any camp. I'm his best friend Shannon, I deserve to know why I can't even get a hold of him. Where is he? Tell me where he is Shannon, and I'll forget the fact that you've been keeping secrets from us for months."



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