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It's been forever, I know. I have a (new) really demanding job time-wise and I haven't been forceful enough in carving out writing time. But I did some writing on the train today, while I'm suffering from a book hangover, so I'll post some snippets. It's a little over five sentences, but I'm sure you won't mind. ;)

"Shannon, not all dream creatures are created by peaceful sleepers. Feasters a product of terror and nightmares. Like those stories about the Jabberwocky, they feed off fear. Recurring nightmares make them stronger and so do night terrors."

I swallowed and then said, "So if a Dreamwalker has a recurring nightmare or night terror-"

"They can probably create the most powerful and terrifying Feaster to come out of the Nightmare world."


Jan. 29th, 2013 12:24 pm
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From Dreamwalker. This was written in the early planning stages, and then discarded before NaNo so I could start fresh. Now though, I think I need to rework some of what I've written and revamp this bit because this impact of their 'first meeting' is better than what's currently written.

I was shocked at the face I saw as I stood in front on the class. No one else existed for a brief moment. All I saw was him. It was all the same. He had the brown curling hair, thick in texture. His eyes, under dark brows that lent well to brooding, were a warm brown. His nose was a little wide, but it was balanced by full lips all set in a brownish face that all told me he was mixed.

I'd seen that face before. I knew it topped a tall lean body well built for basketball or softball. I knew just how that mouth could smile, and what his laughter sounded like. I even knew there was a scar under his chin. He dressed casually: Old Navy with a dash of American Eagle, and he owned a Nike baseball cap in red and black.

It was in my bag. He was the kid from my dream.

He was staring at me now and I knew what he saw. Thin, slender frame, fitted jeans and an indie tee. Pale Irish skin marred in a few places by freckles, especially across my nose. He saw chin-length angled dark brown hair that tended to ever really look combed. Thin brows, blue eyes, a small nose and lips. Not thin, just a small mouth in general. He stared at me as I stared at him because-

He recognized me too.
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So in an effort to keep posting regularly, here is another excerpt. I gotta get back on track writing/editing this.

By the time I got home after the dance, I was completely exhausted. )


Nov. 11th, 2010 12:22 am
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Haven't posted here since last week. I broke 30k on Monday! I am feeling quite accomplished even though I look at my outline and go "wtf was this what I was supposed to be writing?" Because ummmm, it's not really? Anymore?

Also, I realized all my excerpts so far were horrible nightmarish things and wanted to point out that YES THERE ARE GOOD PARTS TOO. There is ROMANCE or something like it. ANYWAY I am clearly on crack as you can see from the random caps, so here is a HAPPY EXCERPT OKBYE.

Bow chicka bow bow! )

No, I have no idea who the hell Marisol is. Bitch showed up in my story without permission.

An excerpt!

Nov. 4th, 2010 09:56 pm
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For those of you reading along. I haven't looked at my outline in two days and I have no idea where I am except that I have over 17k words of...stuff. So here's some stuff for you.

You may want to not be eating when you read this )

My brain is so wiped that I'm going to bed before the 11 o'clock news. What is this?

Holy crap.

Nov. 2nd, 2010 12:22 pm
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Two days into nano and I'm at over 10,000 words. I'm incredibly proud of myself. I have no idea what the hell I've written but that's not the focus right now. I'm just opening my brain and letting words fall out and I'll worry about making editing changes and, well, sense later on.

I posted an excerpt in my nano profile, and I'll share it here.

"Hey! Wait for me!" I yelled and I picked up my pace, running around two small children playing with a pink and red colored ball. The sun shone brightly through the trees as I chased the figure ahead of me, and I held up a hand to shade my eyes from the suddenly blinding light. The figure ahead hopped over a low park bench, but I went around, suddenly feeling like I couldn't possibly jump that high. To my left, a flock of crows suddenly fled the tree they were hiding in, their cawing sounding more like laughter than like a simple bird-call.

I made the mistake of looking at them as they took off, and when I turned back to my chase, the figure ahead of me was gone. I didn't stop running though, even though I knew I'd lost whoever it was. I ran until I found an old playground in a forgotten part of the park, rundown, and rusting. The old metal slide had chipped paint and the bottom rung of the ladder was broken. The swings were in worse shape. The chains holding some were broken, leaving the swings to hang and move sadly in the wind. One swing was missing entirely, the two long chains dangling off into nothing. In the far side, near the broken sprinkler, a small child was huddled.

This wasn't whom I'd chased here, and yet I approached her anyway. She was maybe about seven years old, with brown curly pigtails, and was holding a small blond doll. I had slowed to a walk as soon as I reached the playground, and I kept a cautious pace as I came closer. "Hi," I said, uncertainly. "Are you okay?"

The little girl lifted a tear-stained face and looked up at me, but she didn't say anything. Instead, she just closed her eyes and screamed.

Yeah it was writing this that helped cement the fact that my genre has shifted from the last shreds of fantasy into horror and supernatural. Bring on the fear factor. I wrote a second scene similar to this one that...was creepier honestly, and I'll probably post that excerpt a little later.


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