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As part of a yearly tradition with [personal profile] yabamena, we write each other drabbles for the 12(+1) days of Christmas. Day 13: More surprise fanfic! This is also the bonus day, and the last day ;_; SADS. Anywhere here. Have some Covenant fic.

If there was one thing everyone knew about Reid Garwin it was that he was a reckless skirt-chaser. He took chances none of the other sons of Ipswich would -- not even Pogue -- and flirted with every attractive girl who passed by. He went through relationships like he went through tissues and considering he was a young man with a healthy sex drive, he went through a lot of both.

Your Breath Fills My Lungs )
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I have been looking for this since last week to post here. I worte it a while ago but for some reason it never made it into my writing journal. Covenant fic, Caleb/Pogue, rated soft R I guess?

The streets of Ipswich were imprinted in Caleb’s mind, with a definitiveness shared by all four sons of Ipswich. It was their home, the place made theirs - not just their whole lives, but their ancestors’ as well, for generations. They played out like a rural map in Caleb’s mind, and if it wouldn’t lead to Pogue insisting he watch the road, Caleb could drive them with his eyes closed. Barring the occasional semi.

The streets of Cambridge were new, needed to be learned. It wasn’t far from Ipswich, but it was far enough that it wasn’t quite home. Maybe not yet, maybe not ever. But they were new, and it would take time to learn them even half as well as they knew Ipswich.

But it was neither the streets of Ipswich nor of Cambridge that held Caleb’s focus. It was the map of Pogue’s body, lines and roads he both knew so well and not at all that he strove to drive now. He mapped them with his eyes, his hands, his fingers, his tongue. He tasted the remains of chlorine on mostly dry skin. He felt tight muscles under that smooth and taut skin. He saw every turn, curve, angle, and line that made Pogue’s body a city to discover all on its own.

His mouth covered Pogue’s when he finally drove home, the sounds he made swallowed whole, and more satisfying than a thousand nights’ driving in Ipswich or Cambridge combined. The power in him rose to meet Pogue’s when legs wrapped around his waist and he knew it didn’t matter where he was, where he drove.

Pogue’s body held the streets that would always lead him home.

I'm sick so I'm impressed i managed to find something to post here at all today. Also I just realized I completely forgot last Monday's post so I posted this and backdated.
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So this is actually a WIP. It came out of nowhere and I don't know where it's going but we'll see :D

It all changed when Chase showed up. )


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