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If you're just tuning in, as part of a yearly tradition with [personal profile] yabamena, we write each other drabbles for the 12(+1) days of Christmas. Day 10: Finally caught up. Sorry for the f-list spam. I just have not been posting these daily as I should have. I only have two left after this and they'll be posted tomorrow and Monday.

JD had stopped celebrating Christmas years ago. When the holiday season meant either wheeling and dealing with administration at Salem Academy to stay there during the holidays rather than go back to the boys' home in Jersey, after a while, the holiday started losing meaning. When you had no family, no loved ones, what was the point of it? Certainly not the religious aspect -- he'd given up on that even longer ago. So now though he'd been an adult out of the system and out of Salem for a few years, Christmas was just another highly irritating day to him.

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Yes this is titled after and inspired by Maroon 5's One More Night. It crawled into my brain today and refused to leave until I wrote this.

Their fights are spectacular.

Her voice starts out smooth and slow like warm honey on sweet bread, hot from the oven. It rises, sharpens, tightens and coils like a snake, pierced and poised and ready to strike. It reaches fever pitches, intense and lashing, cutting like a blade tied to the end of a whip: unnecessarily sharp.

His starts out even, cool, and then deepens in intensity. It grows colder, distant, detached and removed even as he burns with suppressed anger. It softens, quiets, freezes, and with anyone but her, turns mocking and cruel. With her, it's guarded even until the height of emotion, when it's ripped open and laid bare.

Their fights are spectacular and they are frequent.

They go to war weekly, years of repressed emotions spilling out of them both. They fight, they leave, and always, they come back. They're dysfunctional, but they're each others'.

Their fights are specular and the make-up sex after each one is even more so.

Her voice still starts slow and smooth like honey and still works up to a fever pitch. It breaks on a high note when she clings to him, riding him hard, red nails digging into his skin, red lipstick smeared everywhere, imprinted like tattoos.

He is still ripped open and is laid bare before her, over her, under her, whether he's pinned her down or she's pinned him, with hips and hands and vicious bites. They mark each other, they own each other, and in their way, they love each other.

Their fights are spectacular and neither of them keep score. Margot knows and JD knows - when they fight, they both lose. When they make up, they both win.
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This came out super sweet.

There was something special about the first Christmas together. It wasn't just a tree. It was their tree. It wasn't just decorating the house, it was decorating their home. It wasn't just Christmas, it was Christmas together.

Now that all the company parties, the quodpot galas, the fashionable extravaganzas and all the it parties were over - at least until New Year's - it was just Marco and Lela home from midnight mass curled up around each other in their bed in the wee hours of Christmas morning. Tomorrow (really later today) they'd be visiting Lela's family for lunch and Marco's for dinner, and bringing home so many leftovers, Lela wouldn't have to cook the rest of the week, except just for some variety.

But later was still hours away and when Lela's fingers danced over Marco's chest and his buried themselves in her hair, sleep was hours away too. They only had a few more of those hours to be alone together and sleep wasn't highest on their list.

Before she drifted off wrapped in Marco's arms, her long legs tangled in his, Lela knew that this was her favorite Christmas yet, because it was theirs.
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I know it's been a while. Most of the writing I've been doing have been for actual full-length novels, which I won't be posting here. I'm trying to actually finish something full-length, but sometimes narratives help.

This was written for a character in an American-set Harry Potter game. He's coming to terms with his sexuality and explaining to his younger brother about it. It's a very big step for this character so I had to write this up.

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