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Something from Lunacy, though I have no idea where it fits in, to be honest.
Nico's eyes widened when he saw my neck. It was smooth, dark, and unblemished, free of every mark he'd left there. Knowing full well what he was and what he was capable of didn't stop me from moving closer, into his personal space.

"You can play your games with your brother, Nico, but you had better remember that I'm not a thing. Hickies and love bites are one thing, but if you ever-" I poked him in the chest, hard "-ever try to mark me like that again, you will seriously and deeply regret it." It was probably foolish to threaten a werewolf, but I meant every word of it. He knew that, yet that wasn't why he was staring at me so incredulously.

" did you heal so fast? That isn't possible. It shouldn't be." His dark eyes were fixed on my neck as he spoke but when he finished they climbed up to mine. It was that question, that look on his face, that cut me off mid-tirade. He pressed his advantage. "Yesterday, I bit you here," and he drew his finger along my neck, his eyes tracking the movement. "I put my initials here," he continued, and the memory of his audacity made me flare in anger again, but his hand drifted downward, over the curve of my breast where NG had been prominently displayed only yesterday, just over my heart. He glanced from his hand up to my face again. "Nothing's there. At all. Healing that fact Julia, it's...impossible."

"No," I whispered in response, my eyes wide and my voice shaking. "It's just inhuman."
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One day I will actually have to outline this series better so I know what is actually happening >.>

Julia had heard the phrase said before: it's not paranoia when they really are out to get you. It was true. In that circumstance, it was being aware and being prepared. The low growls in the distance were a warning. They weren't coming from either Terry or Nico, and briefly she wondered when she got to the point where she could tell one wolf's howl apart from another's. Even the twins sounded different to her, Nico's howl being a little deeper and wilder, Terry's being softer, and almost recognizable as vaguely human. These cries were were even more wild than Nico's.

Julia leaped over fallen branches with the kind of ease that didn't come naturally for a human, but she was a runner and years of training had given her speed above and beyond normal people. It would help, but she wasn't sure it was enough. They were after her, and she was sure they wouldn't stop until she - or they - were dead.

Which was why she was stunned when she put on another burst of speed, ducking and dodging through the trees as well as they were, better than, since she'd had a head start. Somehow, she, an ordinary human, was outrunning werewolves out for her blood. It was only when she made it into the safety of her own mountain-ash and wolfsbane-lined room, did she relax enough to wonder at the strangeness of it.

Who were they? Why were then after her? And how had she managed to outrun them.

She balled her hands into fists. Somehow, she knew Nico and Terry would have the answers, and if Terry wouldn't tell her, then Nico would.

It was time to find out everything that they were keeping from her.
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This was not the prompt I'd intended to do today, but then I saw this picture and I had to.

The moon was full. The cloudless sky was riddled with stars, and the moon shone unnaturally bright over the woods behind Julia's house. She tugged aside the heavy curtain letting the light stream in, knowing tonight Nico would be out there. In her hand she held a silver locket with a secret compartment filled wolfsbane. Terry's necklace. He was going to be be out there too. Julia stepped back and lined her window with a mixture of mistletoe and rye, then dusted it with mountain ash, for good measure. The way Nico and Terry were acting lately she didn't want either of them near here, and certainly not during the full moon.

She was a little worried about Terry though. He'd been staving off changing for so long he was certainly weaker as a wolf than Nico was. Nico reveled in the change and taunted his twin for being lesser, for rejecting what he was. They fought badly enough in human form. What would happen tonight?

Julia put the necklace under her pillow and climbed into bed. No, she shouldn't be worried about Terry. He'd lied to her, repeatedly, and seemed to think that was just going to slide now. Now that she needed "protecting". That was a laugh. Julia didn't need protecting from Nico; Terry did. Julia didn't need protecting from anyone.

Her dreams that night were full of the moon, of fur and claws and teeth, of blood and howls, of rejoicing and pain. She wasn't just listening to the wolves, she was among them, one of them.

And just like Nico, she reveled in it.

Maybe I'll save that other prompt for tomorrow.
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So this is from a series I started called Lunacy. Unsurprisingly, it's about werewolves and this is part of a scene where Nico is making advances on a girl his brother Terry is dating. It's so much more complicated from that, but in a nutshell, that's all the backstory you need to know for this part.

It's only a wee bit racy )


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