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As part of a yearly tradition with [personal profile] yabamena, we write each other drabbles for the 12(+1) days of Christmas. Day 9: Yay, more kpop inspired band-slash!

Sometimes it was a little too easy to get caught up in the stage lights, the persona and the performance. Sometimes it was a little hard to figure out where the performer ended and the maybe not so ordinary young man began. Sometimes, it was hard to turn off the daring, inappropriate fanservice that sent girls in the crowd into screaming fits.

It's not an act offstage )
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As part of a yearly tradition with [personal profile] yabamena, we write each other drabbles for the 12(+1) days of Christmas. Day 6: So this is kpop (faux) bandslash. We created a band (and a label for the band, as well as a few other talents under said label) annnnd stuff happened.

It wasn't often that Lunatox members got any time off. They were still a rookie group after all and that meant every minute of their day was scheduled for something, whether it be practice, performance, variety show or sleep. So when their manager told them, only two days after Christmas, that the were given the day off to spend at a shopping mall, and were give an allowance, KC could only stare in pleased surprise.

O Christmas Tree )
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So this is a thing that bit me yesterday afternoon and wouldn't let me nap. Considering expanding the hell out of this for Less Than Three Press.

I started keeping a diary when I started dancing and I kept up writing in it faithfully. I have old diaries filled from beginning to end, full of nonsense, of hopes, of obstacles, and of miracles. I have notes on the languages I've learned, the people I've meant, and the things I still can't believe happened. This diary is special though.

Two years of training with mentors. Ten more months training with four other hopefuls under LYJ Entertainment. Mistakes, crushing blows, amazing heights - this diary is the story of how we went from nobodies to royalty.

This is the story of the making of the band Kings.


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