Feb. 28th, 2014 11:59 am
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As it's getting less possible for me to post my writing here (as things are going to be more and more considered for publication) I might instead start posting character bios/outlines here for me to get a better sense of who they are as well as for anyone still reading this thing to get to know them better.

I'll start thinking about who to develop and how and try to get to posting on a schedule again.

Probably weekends.
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I'm thinking about having [personal profile] yabamena sketch/color some of my characters so there's a lovely visual to work off of. While thinking about it, I realized I'd posted a detailed character description from Cities of Steam, but nothing from Postmortal. SO here's a brief look at currently the only two developed characters from Postmortal

Pandora Rich: black, dreadlocks, often worn back off her face, sometimes clips or weaves in colorful strands, average height, curvy & round, but mostly proportionate - her hips are a little wider than her chest, but she's no slouch in the bust department. her waist is small in comparison to chest and hips, but her stomach is by no means flat. probably wears a size 18-20. round face, wide, round nose, full lips. round eyes, prone to opening pretty wide. very cute/pretty
style: colorful as fuck and tending toward retro/pin-up fashions ranging from the 50-60s. she is unashamed and unabashed about her size and dresses to complement her best features - curvy hips, full chest, long legs. extremely statuesque. will wear complementary colors and is super fond of accessories and the color wheel. she's not all about skirts/dresses though. she likes pants, pedal pushers, capris, and anything that's not super short. Frequently wears an ankh, may have an ankh tattoo.

Sahir Merikh: Tall, thin, medium complexion, from a Middle-eastern family. strong featured: hooked nose, wide mouth though thin-lipped, permanent five-o'clock shadow. Not overly muscled, actually on the skinny side of slender. Very dark wavy hair, warm light golden brown eyes - they just have to be striking, almost shaped, very pretty, definitely his best feature. all limbs with big hands and feet, not conventionally attractive, but very compelling.
style: he doesn't put too much effort into what he wears. Jeans, t-shirts, henleys, sweaters, comfortable clothing that looks neat. he won't take time to press shirts, but he won't wear holey jeans or sneakers that are falling apart. Has an ouroboros ring, may have an an ouroboros tattoo.

Also made an icon to go with this series. It was kinda slapdash, but it works for now.


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