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Since this worked pretty well in 2013, I'm making myself a schedule. This schedule is subject to change.

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Sunday Six

Jul. 28th, 2013 11:24 pm
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It's longer than six sentences. Deal with it.

Jun closed his eyes and stood near Klaus's bed, focusing on the residue of his electromagnetic signature. He picked it out easily; it registered for him as an elusive and shifting deep red, thinner at some points and then expanding into a bolder line elsewhere. Made sense for a 'porter, Jun though. Here and gone.

Whistling, Jun open his eyes, and left the same stealthy way he'd come in. It didn't matter how much Klaus could teleport away, Jun had his trail now and in all the time he'd worked for the Institute, he'd never once lost a trail. The place was full of the people he'd found. Klaus was not going to be any different.
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I was out most of today so this is a little late.

Jun started exploring the small apartment, pausing every few feet whenever he noticed something that gave him a little insight into Klaus. He wasn't overly messy; the strewing about of clothes were a little haphazard, like he cleaned up maybe once every week or two and hadn't had a chance yet this week. His fridge was full of sodas, beer, milk, and some questionable cold cuts. The cabinets were full of cereal, ramen, and other instant foods. Clearly Klaus was no cook.

Sunday Six

Jul. 21st, 2013 09:37 pm
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So I have a LOT of vacation time coming up. Hopefully this will translate to more posts here because I intend to write a lot. For now, have this:
"Well, I know your name, Niklaus," he responded, standing up as well. "Only fair you know mine. I'm Jun and I'm here for you."

It wasn't a why, but it was enough for Klaus. He inhaled, hoping this Jun guy - Korean name, if Klaus wasn't mistaken - had no idea what Klaus was capable of. He moved closer to the wall, as though he were planning to lean casually against it. Instead he flung out one hand, throwing what looked like a handful of black oil at it. it immediately spread, opening into a black portal that Klaus flung himself through.

It sealed instantly behind him.
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I have had an extremely busy workweek and little time to write. I do have, however, more from that semi-abandoned [ profile] bb_shousetsu project.

Klaus narrowed his eyes, watching the guy warily. "You followed me."

A snort. "Like I had to. I could have waited here for you to show up. I mean, if you're stupid enough to hide at your own apartment..."

Klaus stood up, the movement, slow as though he thought sudden movements might make this guy do whatever the hell it was he was here to do. It was a shame this was how they met: in any other circumstance, Klaus would have found him attractive.

Sunday Six

Jul. 15th, 2013 09:59 am
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Yet again, a day late. I had a rough Sunday during which I didn't want to write and got off the computer for a while to play a lighthearted video game just to disconnect from the crap going on in the world. So since I didn't write yesterday, I didn't post. But here's something I wrote a month or so ago that was supposed to be for [ profile] bb_shousetsu but I didn't finish in time. I may expand on it and write it for Less Than Three or submit it to [ profile] bb_shousetsu later on.

Sighing, Klaus rolled away from the wall, facing the rest of his bedroom and realized something immediately: he wasn't alone.

Sitting in the chair at his desk was a young man around his own age, with dark hair shaved into a mohawk, wearing fingerless leather gloves and an amused expression. Klaus sat bolt upright. "Who the hell are you," he demanded, his dark eyes gone wide.

The guy shrugged. "I'm the guy who thought it was going to be a lot harder to find you. Here's a tip: when you're hiding from people, it's pretty stupid to go straight home."

Sunday Six

Jun. 10th, 2013 11:17 am
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A day late again, oops. Anyway this is supposedly for [ profile] bb_shousetsu but I don't know if I'll finish with enough time to have betas look it over. I'm a little depressed because of a job situation and I'm not exactly motivated to write so we'll see. At the same time, I need to push through this because if things don't work out, I need to be able to write still. Anyway, here's this thing.
They were still out there. The reporters, the fans, the crowds ... they all wanted to talk to him, to congratulate him, and ask him how he did it. They wanted to tell him he was a hero.

The problem was he hadn't done anything at all. In fact, he was the reason anyone those people needed saving.

EDIT: apparently whining about it jogged something loose in my brain and I figured some things out for Shadowbinder. Back to work then!

Sunday Six!

Mar. 3rd, 2013 10:38 am
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Whoops, meant to post this yesterday. Backdating~

The last bed was occupied by a man who was bleeding through the makeshift bandages on his head. His face and hands were dirty, a combination of soot, engine grime, and gods-only knew what else. Xiang didn't care that the man himself was dirty; he cared about his head trauma, and whether his injury was still opening, prone to infection. Hands carefully washed, Xiang set aside his crutch, able to stand on his own for so long as it took to take the patient's vitals. He'd come in with no identification and in fact, no one had stuck around to explain who he was and how he'd gotten injured, according to the intake information hastily scribbled on his chart.

Frowning, Xiang got to work. It was only after he'd cleaned up the man's face and head that Xiang got a good look at him. His unknown patient was still unconscious, but Xiang couldn't deny that he was a very attractive stranger.

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I think I'll start my Friday Five tomorrow and Sunday Six this weekend, give a fresh start with March. So here's some more from what I wrote the other day, just to finished up the month.

Xiang tucked his crutch under one arm and hobbled toward the infirmary. He'd been on his feet all day which was why his tired overworked leg needed that extra support. He was actually supposed to be off-shift by now, but they were a bit short-staffed since a couple traveling crews had come through town looking for a doctor to come along with them. It happened sometimes. People stopped by to pick up some medicine and decided it'd be better to hire a willing medic to join their crew so they could have someone around to fix their wounds at all times. They never seemed to pick Xiang.

Xiang told himself it was because he was still just an apprentice, too young to go off gallivanting in airships while he was still learning his trade. Of course, traveling would lend to his experience, he knew that, but how was he to convince others? It didn't matter how skilled he was, his natural aptitude, and his ability to pinpoint symptoms: people looked at him and passed him right over.

Doctor Carswell had gone as well as Doctor Heyward and even Doctor Malhotra, who'd barely been a doctor long enough to qualify, Xiang thought. He couldn't be jealous. Indira Malhotra had been his closest friend at the hospital and it was an incredible opportunity. Maybe within six months or a year, he too could be boarding a ship for his first space travel.

Xiang and Fox (from yesterday) are both major characters in a novel series I'm working on. However, this vignette is a scene that won't be in the series proper, so I figured I could smut it up and send it off to [profile] bb_shousetsu.
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Here is a bit of it. It may wind up in [ profile] bb_shousetsu's Playing Doctor issue.

The last thing Fox remembered was being only inches away from the engine room before stars exploded in front of his eyes. No, he remembered the pain too and the whiff of air before something crashed against his skull and he crumpled, wishing he'd actually worn the reinforced skull cap he'd stolen last week. He didn't have time to think about how he'd been so close he could almost feel the diamond monocle in his fingertips before blackness took over.

I think I'm going to make good on my promise to myself to stop worrying so much about posting here every weekday and just write. I do think that I might do a Friday Five and Sunday Six so there's at least 2 posts a week. Any other day I feel like posting something I'll so so, but I need to focus on finishing things, on editing (which means I can't write to post if I edit).

I went and edited my writing schedule to force deadlines on my own writing so that I get things done. This also forces me to decide what I want to write and finish next based on where it's being submitted.

I'm hoping this will give me some more structure. I will also be adding these deadlines to my Google calendar with reminders so that I can kick myself in the pants.

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My post for today is locked due to smut but if you want to read it, it's posted unlocked over at [ profile] bb_shousetu here.

On a random note, I've been considering collecting my [ profile] bb_shousetu works into an ebook and putting it up for download (I guess on my website and here)to give my work more exposure. I am just not 100% sure that it's worth the effort, but I don't see that it can hurt. (I recently learned how to make an ebook and I'm intrigued). I just dunno if more than like 5 people would even download it. Or hey I could always pull it together as a collection and submit it to LT3 as well. It'd come to close to 45,000 words. Closer to 50K if I include one I wrote and didn't wind up submitting to [ profile] bb_shousetu (yet. I might still at some point). Food for thought.

Also, spent my morning brainstorming stuff. Trying to get back into the right frame of mind for what I'm doing.


Feb. 8th, 2013 10:04 am
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Probably the last snippet you're getting from this. Enjoy!

It's late when I get the text but it doesn't matter. I don't sleep like I used to anymore. Late nights on the job mean if I'm in bed at 1 AM, it's early for me. It's only a few minutes before midnight so the night owls are still just getting ready. I'd have thought I was too old for this by now, but seven months of casinos and blackjack a couple times a week means I've become one of them, in more ways than one. They trust me now.

With that in mind I get up, wash my face and shower, after sending back a quick response that I'd be there. I slick back my hair, the way I've been wearing it for seven months. It's not my hair. It's Robert's hair. It's Robert's face in the mirror, Robert's clothes I'm wearing, Robert's life I've been living since I went undercover. James feels like he's gone, buried under the perfectly cultivated facade. I don't know if I'd even recognize James anymore, if I can go back to being him when this is all over. I hope I can. I hope he isn't as far gone as I fear. I don't want to be Robert, but I can't stop now. The job isn't done.


Feb. 7th, 2013 10:32 am
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Another teaser. You probably can get an idea of what's going on in this, if you piece these together. Maybe. I am jumping around a bit with my teasers.

They're all in red velvet, though no two costumes are at all the same.

It's the one in the black satin yukata, shorter than any I've ever seen, worn open over a red velvet corset, that catches my eye. The short robe is barely recognizable as one, the way it's been cut and fitted to show off as much as possible without really showing anything at all. It's a rare and enticing level of modesty mixed with scandal and Kureno actually laughs at me when he sees where I'm looking.

"So you're not a eunuch. Good to know, I was starting to worry about you. That's Kana and be careful; he's Fujimoto's favorite. He never leaves the Red Velvet room."

In all the months I've been coming here I've showed no more than passing interest in the men and women who work the tables, just enough to keep from looking suspicious. But there's no acting at all going on as I watch Kana over at the bar mixing drinks. His robe rides up, just a little and I cough and look back at Kureno. "Fujimoto likes to keep him close?"

Kureno nods slowly and the gears start clicking. If Fujimoto bends anyone's ear here, it might be Kana's.

I broke 4000 words on this today, and hopefully I can actually get to the smut part so I can finish it in time to be betaed. Whew.

Random: I feel like I need a new mood theme already. I feel awkward posting about smut and then using a Calvin & Hobbes theme º///º
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Here, have another from my [ profile] bb_shousetsu story.

"Have you ever had ginger liqueur? I prefer Domaine de Canton. Mix it with Bourbon and a splash of lemon. It's called a Gold Rush. It's a little strong for me like that though, so I add a little club soda, top it with a cherry. I call it Fool's Gold."

"That sounds delicious," I respond sincerely. "I've never had the opportunity to try ginger liqueur before."

"I'll bring you one," Kana offers.

"Later," I reply. "I'd rather you didn't get up."

"Good. I didn't feel like moving either," Kana says and takes my hand, resting it on his thigh. His skin is warm, soft, and insanely distracting. I swallow hard and my voice is rougher than I'd like when I say, "You sure you're not just trying to make him jealous?"

Kana laughs again and leans in close again. His honeyed scent fills my nostrils and I know he can't miss my reaction, not the way he's in my lap. "I promise you, that's not what I'm doing," he whispers huskily. His mouth is so close to my ear that his lips brush it on the word 'promise' and his tongue grazes the shell of my ear when he's finished speaking. My hand goes tight on his thigh and he's the one who sucks in his breath.


Feb. 5th, 2013 10:18 am
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Here's a wee teaser for you from my [ profile] bb_shousetsu piece.

Kana's waiting for me that night when I'm getting ready leave. He's silent on his feet and quick as a cat. Before I know it, he's behind me, my jacket in his hands and those artfully smoky eyes looking up into mine. "Leaving so soon?"

My last drink was hours ago, so I can't blame alcohol for keeping my tongue tied. Kana laughs. "Tongue-tied again. Is it because you've got my undivided attention once more?" His fingers walk up my shirt, his slim hand wrapping around the knot in my tie. "I told you that if you were really good, you could have me. Well guess what, Robert?" He goes up on his toes, his lips against my ear again. "You were fantastic. You want to see how fantastic I can be?"

Eee! :D

Feb. 4th, 2013 10:59 am
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I just wrote some more for [ profile] bb_shousetsu and I'm really excited about this. I hope it turns out as good as I'd like. I'm trying to finish it this week to give betas time to critique and me time to fix. Then I want to finish my LT3 thing next week for the same reasons. Anyway, have a wee snippet:

I resolve to get as close to Kana as possible without arousing Fujimoto's jealously, and as Kureno and I pick a table I tell myself it's just business. I tell myself it's got nothing to do with Kana's long, pale legs, his small and secretive smile, his features that border so far on pretty that if Kureno hadn't made it clear he was a man, I'd have been guessing all night. I tell myself it's nothing to do with the sweet honeysuckle scent of his perfume as he comes over to our table, and everything to do with the fact that he might be a gold mine of information.

I tell myself I'm going to flirt and seduce because it's part of the job, and not because with a handful of words and light touch on my arm, Kana's already got me under his spell.

For the first month, I actually believe it.

Also ahaha thank you iTunes.
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I finally have a real workable plot for my next [ profile] bb_shousetsu story for the Hookers and Blackjack issue! I'll post a tidbit here, but as a reminder, most of my daily posts from now on (if they are daily) are going to be short snippets that don't give much away, since most of my writing this year will hopefully be for publication.

Julia Roberts was right. I should never have kissed him. The circumstance may have been completely different, but it mostly amounts to the same thing. 'Don't kiss on the mouth' was just a way of saying don't let feelings get involved. I should have listened. Falling in love was not supposed to be part of the job.

This story, assuming I can wrangle it into submission, will involve escorts, gambling, cover ups, business fronts, blackmail, undercover work, drug trades, and possibly slave trade. To make it work it has to have a lot of focus, detail, and research. And length. I don't think I can crap out on the length for this one. We'll see. I need to start writing it now that I have a real idea. Also needed: names for the three major players.
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A lot has happened since I last posted in here and for various reasons, I hadn't been writing. I intend to change that. I have a nearly finished shortish story for bbshousetsu on LJ that I may actually get done in time for the next issue. If so, I'll post it in here. If not, I'll submit it for the next issue and post it then. Either way, um, sorry I haven't been writing?

On the plus side, I now work at Random House and actually like my job instead of dreading the crap temp job I had at Morgan Stanley! That's something!

EDIT: So apparently I need to write about writing more because I just finished that story. Needs editing and a good beta read but it's done. :D

Oh hai.

Jan. 11th, 2011 01:53 pm
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So...I'm writing a steampunk story at the moment. It's for [ profile] bb_shousetsu over on LJ, but I have a secondary plot point that won't be introduced in this story that would go very far towards making this short story a full length novel instead. I still have to finish and edit my nano project, but I do tend to work better with a deadline, so I want to write this now while I have an actual due date.

I know next to nothing about steampunk, but the fun thing about the genre is that you can take the general guidelines (victorian meets science, spinkle with gears and brass and goggles, bake for 30 minutes, season to taste) and create your own steampunk world. I've got a fair amount of resources for when I'm ready to actually world-building, but [ profile] bb_shousetsu story doesn't need that level of depth for the length it's going to be. I think.

I haven't finished anything in a little while again, so I'm looking forward to actually doing so. Um...that's all for now, just wanted to actually update this thing.
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I wrote over 2000 words in under three hours. If I can keep up this kind of steam, then nano shouldn't be as difficult as I've been worrying. If I can get ahead early on, maybe if I stall a little later I can still keep up and win it!

Another excerpt from my bb shousetu story:
23rd October 2010

Still no sign of Chang anywhere. I've been back every night, just a few hours, just in case. I don't want to skip a night, in case he shows up the one night I choose not to go. I have no other way to contact him. We didn't exchange numbers, emails, anything. All I can do is go to the one place I saw him and hope he shows up there again. So far, it's been nothing but disappointment.

I should just let it go, right? It was a one night stand, maybe it didn't mean anything to him. I was pretty drunk, I could have imagined some of it. Like the weird town I thought I was in. The more I try to remember, the fuzzier it all is, but I could swear I all stumbled out away from everyone else. The party was in a huge field, we we could get away with underage drinking, where no one was around. I walked away from everyone, and just kept walking until I fell over something. The ground was comfortable, I remember that, and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was in a bedroom, inside a house huge enough to be a mansion. Soft sheets, cool pillows, and a beautiful stranger looking at me.

I came onto him, I think. I mean I was really drunk and he was just gorgeous. I thought he might have been a girl at first, he was that pretty. But that didn't stop me, and Chang didn't either. I woke up alone, but he'd left that red scarf with me. I didn't dream him. I couldn't have.



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