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So...this is probably among the most productive spur-of-the-moment writing I've done, as I thnk this will fit in very nicely to the series I want to finish first. Rock on.

For the first time since I'd met Jared, Diego, and Lisa, I couldn't remember my dreams. In fact, that was probably a first, period. I'd always been able to remember them, without fail. Then of course, I developed the ability to navigate my own and other people's and that just made them easier to remember. Even when Jared built dreams for me, ones that were full of places we couldn't go in real life, places that never existed or didn't anymore, I couldn't remember them. His face would fall in the mornings at school when he'd ask how I enjoyed it, and I had to tell him I couldn't remember.

He stopped asking, but I don't think he stopped creating. He just waited for me to remember.

I couldn't wait. I wanted to talk to Delia, but she was still gone, missing like she'd never existed. I couldn't talk to Jared, not without seeing the disappointment lurking behind his dark brown eyes. I tried talking to Lisa since she could induce dreaming with her herbs, and even concoct something to help me remember them. I tried it, the strange tea she made and had to tell her, defeat as bitter in my mouth as the tea's aftertaste, that it hadn't worked.

Finally I talked to Diego. He could help people sleep, but not necessarily dream. He could watch other people's dream's though, something he didn't really do without permission, I gave him mine. I needed to know that I really was still dreaming, that there was some reason I just couldn't remember.

The next day, Diego's face was solemn, and he pulled me aside, as though he didn't want Jared to hear.

"You're dreaming, Shannon. Jared built a dream for you last night. You were both there." He hesitated a little, as though he'd seen something in the dream he didn't want to talk about. I went red, knowing the kinds of dreams Jared has sent before. "But so was someone else. There was another figure there, another watcher, and he's the reason you can't remember. You're not just forgetting your dreams, Shannon. They're being stolen."

I just don't know which novel of the series this belongs in. I suspect the third, so I'll tag it as such for now..


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