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Somehow I missed posting on Monday the 21st. Oh I know, I was off from work and my schedule was thrown off and I just plum forgot. Well I'm backdating this but here's something else I never posted here.

He liked the way her body pressed against his when they danced. He liked the scent of her hair, her skin, her. It infiltrated his senses, filled his nose and mind with dizzying thoughts. Whispers that started quiet, insistent, in the back of his head. They grew louder, taking over before he realized they were there.

He’d hear them later, triumphant, crowing, as his fingers slipped through dark silky hair. As blood stained his fingers, traces smeared on a face full of confusion. There was confusion at the handcuffs going around his wrists, at the sirens outside, and at the body bathed in red at his feet. There was blood everywhere. On his hands, on the walls, the bleached white walls. Blood pooled around that dark colored dress, staining pale shapely legs with crimson.

He could still see her, smell her, sense her, as the squad car took him away.

[personal profile] rabies miiiight remember this from a million years ago on GJ - the prompt was a picture of a man dancing with a woman and for some reason not one person who wrote for that prompt wrote anything bright and happy. There was just something dark in the photo that we all seemed to see.
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So I finished my [ profile] bb_shousetsu story, which means starting next week I can get back to actively writing to post here, rather than writing what I can't post and then digging up something I haven't already posted just to keep up my streak. But for now, here's an excerpt of something from a while back.

Maybe it went without saying but Nome, Alaska was nothing like Honoka'a, Hawaii. )

That's all I wrote so far, but this has a pretty decent outline and notes saved and stuff, sooo this should be fun when I finally get back to it! This is sort of a revised version of this.
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Chloe had only been in town a few hours, but she could already tell Point Hope was nothing like Nome. Point Hope was small, quiet, and in the middle of nowhere. She could tell it was clearly a place to get away from everything, and that was just what she needed.

Despite -- or maybe because of -- the fact that the town was so small, Chloe’s arrival was not the small hushed matter she’d hoped for. )


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