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And by that I mean "Five Paragraphs" to make up for all the Friday Fives I've been missing. This narrative was written for a application for an rpg two years ago. Sicne I just joined a new game with said character, I figured I should post this here...since I never did? Oops?

Anyway, this is Aksel. He can control you. When he says dance, you dance. He's the Puppetmaster, bitches.

A cruel smirk twisted Aksel's lips as he stared at the guy in front of him. It was a turf war, and Aksel was fully intent on showing the members of Schwarzefaust that not only was their name stupid, but that they had no business in Chaos territory. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Klaus slowly spinning a bat around in his hands; on the other side of him was Heike, gangly and lean, fists covered in brass knuckles. Chaos was ready for a fight.

They moved as one, launching themselves at their opponents, eager to start the fray. Only Ludwig hung back, his hands going under his jacket to reach for the stolen firearm he'd only just gotten two nights prior from someone who suffice to say, wouldn't be needing it anymore.

There was blood. There were shouts and screams. There were meaty terrible sounds of metal hitting flesh, the careful snikt of pocket knives being released. Aksel's opponent Menno had one such knife that gleamed wickedly in the streetlights. Aksel grinned at him wider and watched as that knife slowly turned back on its wielder. Aksel almost closed his eyes at the familiar feeling of controlling someone else's limbs, but doing so would have severed the connection he needed.

He had to be able to see Menno to make his arms and fingers move as he wished. He had to watch him to know every little twitch of muscle beneath his skin that was now his to command. Though to be honest, he wouldn't really be able to make Menno do himself very much damage, but only Aksel knew that. It just felt incredible to have any kind of control over someone else, even if the threat with the knife was a mostly empty one. He couldn't make Menno kill himself, but the other gang leader didn't know that. That was the real power here, and Aksel was reveling in seeing the fear on Menno's face. "Get out of Chaos territory," he snarled, stepping up into Menno's personal space. "We're too dangerous for you. You have no idea what I'm capable of."

Suddenly lights exploded over the fenced-in park, shining on the broken links where they'd all crawled in. Schwarzefaust and Chaos both broke apart and scattered like proverbial roaches. Some made it out of the park. Menno and Aksel weren't so lucky, not being so far from the entrance. Menno was still staring at Aksel in horror. It wasn't until much later did Aksel realize how bad it was that someone other than his gang now knew what he could do.


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