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As part of a yearly tradition with [personal profile] yabamena, we write each other drabbles for the 12(+1) days of Christmas. Day 11: Here there be bondage. Fades before it gets to an R rating so I'm not locking it.

The gift itself was a large, flat, very misleading box, wrapped carefully in shiny silver paper with a velvety red bow. It was so very misleading because of the contents within. Ezra watched as Avery pulled the four black cuffs attached to short sturdy metal rods out of the packaging and looked quizzically up at him. His rosebud mouth pursed as he turned them over in his hands, clearly only halfway to figuring out what they were. Ezra had cuffed him to his bed on more than one occasion already, so that these things were made to fit around Avery's wrists and ankles was pretty obvious.

It was those weird metal posts that arrested Avery. " we use these?"

Ezra's mouth quirked up in his best dangerous grin. "Let me show you." He took them out of Avery's hands, but instead of cuffing them on immediately, he kissed him first, using the distraction to stand him up and then start undressing hm. Slightly tanned hands moved over pale skin, pausing to touch each span of it bared. In moments, Ezra had Avery naked and only then did Ezra put two of the cuffs on Avery's wrists, and the other two on his ankles.

He went to his bedroom door, ushering Avery along with him. A bit of fiddling and finagling and suddenly it became clear to Avery just what those metal bars were for. They hung outside the now closed bedroom door, while he was now held spread eagled, vertically up against it. The doorr itself provided all the leverage he needed. He tested his restraints, straining at both wrists and ankles, finding a little slack, but the metal bars caught against the outside of the door, holding him firmly in place.

"You'll get your other Christmas gift later," Ezra murmured against Avery's ear, his stubble slightly scratchy against Avery's skin. "This one's for both of us."


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