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I have no idea if this will make the final cut or not but here's a thing!

The woods to the north of the castle grounds were an immensity. In all the years Baz and Nadir had trained as squires on the grounds, they had never managed to fully explore it. That wasn't to say they didn't try. Not long after becoming a squire, Baz had developed a habit of sneaking out and after the first few times, Nadir joined him if only to keep him out of trouble. Later, despite his protests, Nadir began to enjoy those excursions into the forest. The trees were evergreens, so thick and tall they seemed to touch the sky and blot out the sun even on the brightest day.

Nadir had to admit, the first time he'd accompanied Baz, he'd been more than a little afraid. He'd covered his fear with stern reprimands and cautionary tales about how much trouble they could get in, and how Baz was lucky Nadir was with him to keep him out of trouble. Baz had simply looked at Nadir with his green-hazel eyes and replied, "I know. I was scared too. I'm glad you're with me," then plunged headlong into the trees.

Looking back, Nadir knew he'd started falling for Baz then.

I got this all outlined today so hopefuly I can get it written soon!
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