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Lucas never dealt well with lying. In fact it was probably the one thing that could stir his anger to the point of actually lashing out. The first time he did, it stunned nearly all the clerics and acolytes at the seminary. The second time, he stunned himself.

It stemmed back years, his propensity for truth, and hating lies. He didn’t care if two people lied to each other – he may disapprove silently, but that wasn’t his concern. But if he was lied to, even by omission of the truth, it was almost betrayal.

The day he realized the bracelet Locien had given him for his birthday was in fact magically enchanted in such a way that half of all damage he was dealt would instead be transferred over to the wild elf, his hand moved faster than his brain. He knew Locien hadn’t told him what it would do, for the sole reason Lucas would refuse. And even as that thought registered, Lucas was reaching out to Locien, healing the wounds he’d taken with his touch. A touch that wasn’t the gentle caress he always used, but a stinging slap that left his palm red and both himself and Locien shocked.

He was instantly sorry, smoothing over Locien’s cheek with tears in his eyes and apologies on his lips. It would take an immeasurable amount of time to forgive himself for striking the love of his life.

But there’d never be lies of any kind again.


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