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If you're just tuning in, as part of a yearly tradition with [personal profile] yabamena, we write each other drabbles for the 12(+1) days of Christmas. Day 10: Finally caught up. Sorry for the f-list spam. I just have not been posting these daily as I should have. I only have two left after this and they'll be posted tomorrow and Monday.

JD had stopped celebrating Christmas years ago. When the holiday season meant either wheeling and dealing with administration at Salem Academy to stay there during the holidays rather than go back to the boys' home in Jersey, after a while, the holiday started losing meaning. When you had no family, no loved ones, what was the point of it? Certainly not the religious aspect -- he'd given up on that even longer ago. So now though he'd been an adult out of the system and out of Salem for a few years, Christmas was just another highly irritating day to him.

He'd spend it alone or with Jewish acquaintances, seeing a movie and ordering in Chinese food. He'd head onto campus and use equipment (permission negligible), testing his own limits, or those of some schmuck he convinced to be a guinea pig for some cash and a few beers. Whatever he did, it wasn't really acknowledging the season.

Things changed when Margot blew into his life. For the first time he looked at someone not as an experiment or challenge, but as a person he actually wanted to be with. As someone he cared about. So when she started getting into the Christmas spirit, for the first time he could remember, JD felt the stirrings of excitement over the day.

Even a grinch could fall in love and remember that Christmas was about being happy. And when he kissed Margot under the mistletoe in the middle of one of her tirades, one he'd probably goaded her into, he knew that for once in his life, he was truly happy.
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