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As part of a yearly tradition with [personal profile] yabamena, we write each other drabbles for the 12(+1) days of Christmas. Day 7: So hey sometimes I write fandom! HP fandom, Dean/Seamus aka my OTP to end OTPs

The press of the crowd was something Dean was not nearly as fond of as his many former Gryffindor friends. Out of them all, he was probably the most introverted; he valued his quiet time, his alone time. He didn't mind sharing it with Seamus, because despite how much energy Seamus exuded, he also knew when Dean needed to be alone to create or just to recharge.

It took Dean two days of preparation to get into the right mindset to go out and about on New Year's Eve. But now that he was here, he didn't have to work to produce the giant smile on his face. The many pints in him made him feel like he was floating -- or maybe it was the increasingly scorching looks Seamus kept throwing his way.

Those looks progressed to suggestive words and blatant invitations. Seamus would say something innocuous, too quiet for Dean to hear over the crowd. Dean would lean down and Seamus would take the opportunity to deliver a wicked tumble of dirty double entendres and worse directly in his ear. Dean was tipsy enough to keep falling for it and he didn't really mind one bit.

The fireworks that erupted from the London Eye when Big Ben started chiming at midnight were nothing compared to the ones behind Dean's eyes when Seamus yanked his face down for the very first kiss of the New Year.

Later in the privacy of their flat, when they last twined in each other, Dean whispered his New Year's resolution in Seamus's ear: to make sure that they began every single year of the rest of their lives together.


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