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As part of a yearly tradition with [personal profile] yabamena, we write each other drabbles for the 12(+1) days of Christmas. Day 6: So this is kpop (faux) bandslash. We created a band (and a label for the band, as well as a few other talents under said label) annnnd stuff happened.

It wasn't often that Lunatox members got any time off. They were still a rookie group after all and that meant every minute of their day was scheduled for something, whether it be practice, performance, variety show or sleep. So when their manager told them, only two days after Christmas, that the were given the day off to spend at a shopping mall, and were give an allowance, KC could only stare in pleased surprise.

Shin, on the other hand, looked so dubious, his expression bordered on accusatory. KC didn't wait for any clarifications, explanations, or retractions. He simply grabbed Shin's hand and tugged him off in a direction chosen completely at random. All they managed to hear was what time to be back, and that was all that mattered.

Several hours, one meal and three snacks later, KC had found a store that was set up like an entire Christmas village. There was some music playing as they stepped inside, and KC's eyes were wide as a puppy's. A set of train tracks ran the length of the store, a little red train tugging a small cargo of coal along the way. There was artful fake snow all across the hills and valleys created by who only knew what. In the back of the store was an enormous Christmas tree; KC was drawn right to it, but he never loosened his soft grip on Shin's hand as he gravitated that way.

Shin went along with him, not only because he would likely follow KC almost anywhere without thinking, but because it was only because of KC that Shin even found his Christmas spirit this year. So when Shin found a tiny replica of the enormous tree, he spent the last of his allowance on it.

Later, after the brightest smile and sweetest kiss from KC when Shin gave him the tree, Shin knew that it was absolutely worth being broke again.
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